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The clay minerals content can be obtained from various logs with certain advantages and inherent limitations, but the most commonly used technique and probably one of the most accurate methods is based on the using natural gamma ray log and the spectral components of it (i.e., K, and Th) [4, 5, 18]. The natural gamma ray log and its spectral logging data, comprising potassium (wt%), thorium (ppm), and uranium (ppm) respond to the natural radioactivity in the formation originates mainly from 40 K (0.01167% of total naturally occurring potassium), 232 Th (100% of natural thorium) and 235 U (% of the total uranium) isotopes and their daughter products in the both cased and open boreholes . The clay minerals are often the primarily radiation sources in the formations . This means that the natural gamma ray and its spectral data are often capable of distinguishing between the clay-free (low reading) and the clay-rich sandstones (high reading) on general . The response of the natural gamma ray log and its spectral components can be expressed as a linear function of the clay content (i.e., IA in Eq. 1) with assumption of the constant radioactivity, no additional radioactive elements, good borehole conditions, and no variation in the density .

In expose data, the brand new quantitative mineralogy out-of 76 center samples extracted from new Shurijeh Formation is employed to assess the accuracy out-of a multitude of established modification methods into absolute gamma beam and its spectral components analysis. The accuracy of one’s procedures is searched on the basis of minimum mediocre percent cousin error of every petrophysical method for quote the amount away from clay, by using the review of record-derived values to your correct lab-measured frequency % off clay minerals. Certain attempts have also been made to calibrate the fresh new logging philosophy on the research-derived clay items in 76 key samples by running a non-linear regression calibration matchmaking within center-mentioned clay articles plus the pure gamma beam list. In the end, the fresh depositional environment and other clay type of new Shurijeh Development was indeed recognized, by using the spectral gamma beam signing rates additionally the relevant get across-plots, respectively https://datingranking.net/pl/omgchat-recenzja/.


The linear natural gamma ray and the potassium and thorium indexes (IGR, IPOTA, and ITHOR) were continuously calculated at each depth level from the corrected logging data, using the Eq. (1).

The latest comparative go through the Shrijeh Development weight per cent clay of the latest center investigation as well as other modifications suggested from the Larinov , Clavier , Steiber , Dewan , Bhuyan and you may Passey in addition to empirical calibration dating (dashed curvilinear traces). Black network Fuel promoting really studies points, and you will black up-directing triangle this new non-producing well analysis situations

The typical clay information attained by the fresh in your neighborhood calibrated gamma ray index had been nine. This type of number was much lower than the viewpoints extracted from the previous improvement and you will was basically in more accordance for the lab measured study. These conclusions have obtained a beneficial impact on the fresh new quote of hydrocarbon in place and you will reserves of the Shurijeh. Full, both the genuine and you can rates from pounds percent clay about other improvement, place new Shurijeh Formation from the shaly sandstone group.


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Juhasz I (1981) Normalised Qv-the answer to shaly sand review by using the Waxman-Smits formula on absence of core analysis

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