One dating app that recently c, it was initially known as Thrinder

When it comes to dating platforms, I tend to be quite suspicious until I give a specific dating website I try. Although it is quite similar to Bumble and Tinder, it does not provide vanilla dating options. It welcomes both singles and couples who are interested in inviting others into their bedroom and exploring kinks.

Instead of struggling to find someone who shares an interest in the same kinks as you or wants to get in bed with a couple, you can simply use Feeld to satisfy all your desires. Therefore, it is an excellent option for those wanting to try swinging, kinks, polyamory, and casual sex. I loved the fact that Feeld is highly inclusive of sexuality and gender. It connects users based on interests and location.

Since there was no desktop version available, I had no option but to use the mobile app. The app also allows social media engagements. I know just how tough it can be to meet someone who is just as open as me which is why I found Feeld to be refreshing. Besides, Feeld has a good rating online. However, I did notice that it has a much smaller user base which I understand since not everyone is interested in getting kinky or polyamory. To help you get an idea about Feeld, I have prepared the ultimate review just for you.

Better dating sites

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Using the app

Feeld offers many features that help you find the perfect person who wants to try the same things as you do. With a friendly user interface, I had no trouble navigating the app. It is not the same as other swipe platforms that make it difficult to find people you are interested in. Feeld is something completely different from what you might be used to. It does make it a lot easier to find someone according to preferences, kinks, and relationship status.

There are even advanced search features and safety measures in place which means that you have nothing to stress about. You can count on Feeld to explore things sexually. It provides decent results if you live in a big city. Besides, you also get to benefit from anonymity which makes things less stressful. Those in a relationship can link their partner’s profile to let others see. It helps eliminate guesswork so that you can make an informed decision. No matter what kink you might be into, consent and attraction are everything. You also have the option to use an alias if you do not want to use your real name.


When you sign up for Feld, you will get to provide all your information including your age, ethnicity, height, relationship status, kinks, and more. This makes it easier for people to find you. Similarly, you also have an easier time finding someone to try out your kinks with. It is possible to filter your search results based on sexual orientation, distance, relationship status, race, and kinks.

When it comes to offers and price, a free Feeld membership offers plenty of options including the ability to view potential matches in your area, set a maximum distance for matches, and the option to chat with matches without any restrictions. For more features, you can get a paid membership. The perks of a premium plan include the ability to prevent your Facebook friends who are already on the app from seeing your profile, instantly seeing if anyone shows an interest in you instead of waiting to make a match, seeing when a user was last online, and sharing private photos for your matches to see.

Common complaints about Feeld

The only complaint that most users have with Feeld is that they want more users. Besides this, getting through to meeting someone takes some time. However, it all comes down to the fact that not everyone is interested in kinks and polyamory. What I like about Feeld is that it provides anonymity, a clean interface, simple billing, and the ability to explore sexuality and kinks. However, it is not the right option for those looking for a traditional relationship. But, there are other dating sites for that.

One dating app that recently c, it was initially known as Thrinder

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